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Itten offers classes in Aikido and Aikishintai


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Itten offers classes in Aikido and Aikishintai

Itten Suginami Dojo

Itten means ‘one point’ and refers to the idea of being physically and mentally centered, which implies balance, stability, and awareness. Itten Suginami, in the line of O-Sensei (founder of Aikido) and Kato Shihan (one of the founder’s direct students), is a school uniquely dedicated to the rediscovery of the magnificent yet elusive roots of Aikido. O-Sensei said that Aikido is “standing on the floating bridge between heaven and earth” and that “true victory is victory over oneself”. Few have considered that such ‘beautiful phrases’ may also be some of the most important technical instructions the founder ever gave.

Alec Corper Sensei, Chief Instructor of Itten Suginami, has dedicated his training to the insight that Aikido is the ultimate martial art in the sense that the core principles of all martial arts lie hidden within it. Encouraged by the late Kato Shihan and his own discoveries, Corper Sensei has tenaciously stripped away conventional beliefs about Aikido that it might be rediscovered anew in each student that genuinely seeks its precious secrets.

Internal Martial Arts

Internal martial arts place great emphasis on the development of the core body qualities and principles of effective movement that underlie all martial technique. Martial principles are internalized through static, flowing, and dynamic levels of training that involve solo and partner practice. Over time the mind becomes calmer and clearer while the body moves more freely as an increasingly integrated and intelligent unit, so that technique can arise spontaneously in response to the unique need of the moment. Proper training provides access to extraordinary strength, sensitivity and responsiveness.

Itten is a traditional school in the sense that we practice martial arts, not sports. Martial arts are a “Do”, which in Japanese means ‘a path or way’. The emphasis is upon the development of an integrated individual, respectful towards others and self, and skilled in the practice of ‘living’. Technical proficiency should go hand in hand with the maturing of the mind and the emotions.

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