What is Aikishintai

Aikishintai is an internal art in which students train to embody the core principles that underlie the effectiveness of all martial arts. Training focuses on the development of structure, connection and intent as three approaches that together forge that foundation of a martial mind and body. At more advanced levels intent becomes the primary driver such that one can fluidly respond and adapt at speeds beyond conscious control and with whole-body power.

Rather than aiming to influence an opponent, training in Aikishintai begins with the endeavor to discover and awaken the connections and structural dynamics concealed within your own body and mind. The cultivation of whole-body power does not rely on muscular strength or speed, but rather the integration of connective tissue and energy pathways. Every part of the body can become more aware and intelligent such that the practitioner responds spontaneously to the unique need of the moment.

Training in Aikishintai develops the ability to maintain a quality of relaxed tension: neutral yet responsive, rooted yet flexible, hard yet soft, simultaneously expanding and condensing. The art is based upon the principle that every moment has only one fitting response and that true techniques are born in the now and can only be applied once. Since every moment has an infinite number of possible responses, memorization of pre-meditated techniques is counterproductive as it typically fixes rather than frees the mind and body of the practitioner. In Aikishintai techniques are instead explored only as vehicles through which to understand and embody the underlying principles that allow for spontaneous application.