Marcel de Beus

Sandan, Aikido – Instructor Youth Aikido

Marcel began Judo as a young child and then made the switch to Aikido as a teenager. Marcel has considerable experience as a youth instructor and youth worker in the Netherlands and the US. While living in the US he trained in Karate and Brazilian Jujitsu. Since 2002 Marcel is teaching children’s classes. In the US Karate, back in Holland Judo and Aikido. Through his counselor positions in many camps within and outside boy scouts, Marcel developed special youth camps for Judo and Aikido. He currently works at a middle school. Marcel holds the rank of Sandan in Aikido black belt and is a certified instructor under the NVBL (Nederland Vereniging van Budo Leraren). In the summers you will find Marcel working in special needs youth camps (YMCA) or in the Alps on high-alpine treks.