Walter Vendel Sensei

Yondan, Aikido

Walter Vendel (b.1962) began martial arts at the age of 15 with Taekwondo and continued for 3 years studying Wado Ryu karate. After a break in practising martial arts he began in September 1994 Aikikai Aikido and now holds the rank of Yondan as awarded by the Aikikai SoHombu.

A keen interest in both the art of Japanese swordsmanship as well as internal training have deepened over the years his appreciation of what training in Itten Suginami dojo under the high quality of instruction of Corper Sensei has to offer to the students.

Walter has been training under the direct guidance of Corper Sensei since 2004 and is senpei and senior assistant instructor in the Itten Suginami Dojo. There are not many dojo’s where the training is authentic and aimed at travelling back to the origins of the art. Corper Sensei continues to develop his art and offers through instruction the same possibility to those who train with him and pay close attention.

Aikido is not just for young people and you can keep training throughout your life which has many positive benefits apart from the immediate martial aspects.

We welcome new members who wish to study with us and cultivate this art within themselves. Prior martial arts experience is not really necessary, so give it a try and find out for yourself.