Seminar Schedule

International Seminar

International Seminar with Alec Corper Sensei 5th Dan, Chief Instructor and founder of Itten Suginami Dojos and Steve Baker Sensei 5th Dan (Suginami Dojo, Tokyo).
Due to the eclectic background of Alec Corper, over 40 years, primarily in Budo and Chinese Arts, also in FMA and the last 8 years serious research into internal training methods this seminar will be an opportunity to see aikido as a dual vehicle for both internal training and combat orientation without losing the core characteristics of aikido. We will look at how to receive and generate power and examine how ki no nagare, unbroken flow of energy, can be utilized and trained.

Trip to Japan

The plan is to go to Tokyo, Japan in ‘Golden Week’  2019

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