Youth Aikido

Aikido is an excellent way to support the development of strong bodies and supple minds. At a young age children can begin to deeply learn skills of body and mind that will serve them throughout their entire lives. Children learn how to:

  • Develop balance and coordination
  • Build strong bodies and flexible minds
  • Protect themselves
  • Be more present
  • Fall down without getting hurt
  • Expand self-discipline, focus and confidence

We offer youth Aikido lessons for children around 8-13 years of age. Students around the age of 14 should apply to the adult lessons. The first few lessons are free. Gym clothing is sufficient for the first lessons, after which a keikogi (similar to those used in judo and Karate) is required.

During school holidays no youth classes.

Please inform us if you’re planning to come so we have time to meet, and in case a class is canceled, thank you.

Youth Aikido Dalfsen Mondays
Youth Aikido Zwolle Wednesdays
Sensei Marcel